Committee Members

Want to know who’s on the planning committee for our 200th Anniversary Celebration?

The following is a list of individuals who signed up at the annual town meeting to help with this important event and who have come to our meetings:

  • Sheree Brown
  • Donald Beane
  • Dotty Farrell
  • Troy Brown
  • Joshua Brown
  • Natalie Lagasse
  • Shannon Thibodeau
  • Pearl Hawes
  • Linda Hunnewell
  • Wendy Belanger
  • Darryl Fortin
  • Norma Stevens
  • Hunter Moore
  • Pauline Legasse
  • Debbie Staples
  • Lorraine Collins
  • Janice Malloy
  • Kevin Cates
  • Bruce Cates
  • Geraldine Morrill
  • Robert Morrill
  • Lee Foster
  • Mike Staples

Friends of Moscow Committee Members

  • Julie Richards
  • Gregory Lawyerson
  • Liz Brochu

But it’s not to late to get involved.  If you want to sign up to help in any way, simply click here and fill out the form –> Sign up as a volunteer!


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