Photo Gallery

Do you have some great Moscow area photos to share?  Send them to us and we’ll get them uploaded to the website.  Please include a brief explanation of who or what is in the photograph.  Thanks!

Some great photos provided by Raejean (Grenier) Beane …


Austin Stream Bridge


Baker Homestead-Messer Road_2


Beatrice, Laura, Onona, & Geraldine Baker


Bessey Dunton (Wife of Voldo)


Daggetville School maybe




Daisy Dunton (Daughter of Voldo & Bessey)


David H. Dunton (Pierce Hill)


First House Built in Moscow


First House Built in Moscow_2

Gulf Stream Trestle (Built 1904-Demolished 1976)


Gulf Stream Trestle-Passanger Train Crossing 1930

Joseph Spaulding


Miller Residence (Mayfield Rd)-Bill Webb's


Old Austin Stream Bridge


Reynold's Reunion-Pierce Hill 1900_2


Saw Mill on Side of Austin Stream Near Old Bridge


Voldo Dunton (Son of David)


Volvo Dunton (Son of David)_2


Walter Robinson's Woods Crew


Wyman Dam Postcard 1943


Wyman Dam-Flood Gates Open 1936


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